User Experience

In a complex world, we are drawn to solutions that don’t add complexity. We want technology to improve our lives without requiring steep learning curves At Benchmark, we use a variety of techniques to help businesses develop solutions that are easy to learn and easy to use.

Usability Testing

We evaluate solutions against industry best-practices and accepted standards, to highlight strengths and weaknesses from a usability point of view. These evaluations can take a variety of forms, from the informal heuristic to a formal usability inspection or cognitive walkthrough. 

User-Centered Design

We analyze requirements and apply what we know about human cognitive and perceptual norms. We develop design tools and guidelines based on what we learn about a product’s real-world customers, and generally play the role of end-user advocate throughout the design process.

User Experience Research

We survey, observe, or interview, in a user’s own environment or in lab facilities, using a wide variety of techniques. The goal is to discover and describe characteristics of a target audience so that solution-developers gain a deep understanding of their users.