Usability Testing

Neyagawa Benchmark is skilled in numerous methods of usability testing.  We evaluate solutions against industry best-practices and accepted standards, to highlight strengths and weaknesses from a usability point of view. These evaluations can take a variety of forms, from the informal heuristic to a formal usability inspection or cognitive walkthrough and include methods such as:

  •   Competitive Evaluations
  •   Concept Testing
  •   Ergonomic Evaluations
  •   Expert Evaluations
  •   User Acceptance Testing  

When to Consider Usability Testing Competitive evaluations can be useful in early exploration, to generate design ideas. Design evaluations can take place as soon as concepts or prototypes are available. Expert evaluations are relatively inexpensive and can be done in a few days. Evaluations involving end-users take a bit longer but provide a much richer understanding of real users’ responses to the usability issues they uncover.