Competitive Evaluations

competitive evaluation is a type of usability test that compares the usability of two or more products –-either by expert review or with end-user participants.

In an end-user comparative study, participants try the same set of tasks using two or more alternative methods or products. This type of test can be done in many situations, including early concept testing and user-acceptance tests on finished products.

What We Do

We can conduct competitive usability tests using either heuristic reviews or end-user participants levitra genérico precio. The choice is usually a trade-off between depth and breadth of coverage. In a heuristic review, the expert can evaluate the entire product in just a few days. End-user tests focus on critical tasks, so the coverage is not as broad, but the results provide a richer understanding of the ways in which each product succeeds or fails to provide a good user experience.

What You Get

Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of a range of competitive products is a good way to set usability goals and start developing design ideas, whether for a new project or a redesign.