Decision Support Systems

Decision-making often demands often exceed human capabilities.  To support the decision-making process, Benchmark has created several decision and process support systems designed to manage complex of decision-making or process environments.  Examples of these support systems include: Digitial Fusee

Combines separate sources of data into an integrated, user-friendly wildland fire simulation tool for training.  By combining data and processing requirements with a user-centered interface, Digital Fusee allows trainers in wildland fire to create scenarios in the areas where firefighters work.  These exercises gives trainees the ability to consider suppression alternatives and “what-if” scenarios not supported by other training tools. Wildland Fire AMR

The management of large wildland fires in the United States is guided by fire conditions, natural resource concerns, public safety, and fire management policies.  Benchmark has brought two required decision and documentation processes together in one web-based application called Wildland Fire Appropriate Management Response (AMR).  This web-based application integrates web data sources, provides multiple user access, and gives users state of the art mapping capabilities that can facilitate how the nation’s wildland fires are managed.

lovegra buy uk Idaho OnePlan

The Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) wanted to develop a way for Idaho farmers to learn more about soil conservation. We interviewed agricultural producers and NRCS professional planners to develop requirements for this government-sponsored web site, then designed a simple, three-step path to help farmers request federal funding for conservation projects. In our usability tests, users with no prior computer experience could navigate through the application with success.

SIMS — Safety Information Management System

SIMS is a web-based infrastructure for tracking injuries and workers’ compensation claims. Its unique architecture was designed especially for large government agencies. It automates not only the injury-reporting process, but the follow-up and case-number tracking as well.