Program Administration

As Public Program Administrators and Contract Monitors, Benchmark has implemented state-of-the-art solutions to long standing and complex administrative burdens.  Below are several examples of our Public Program Administration and Contracting Monitoring projects: Idaho Tobacco Project

Since 2000, Benchmark has administered Idaho’s Tobacco Project.  By law, Idaho businesses that sell tobacco must obtain a valid permit from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.  The data management system that serves as the corner stone of this project was developed and is managed by Benchmark.  Idaho’s tobacco law also requires the tobacco permit holders be inspected annually to ensure compliance with the law’s requirements.  Since 2000, Benchmark has conducted over 13,000 inspections of Idaho businesses that sell tobacco.  Benchmark plays a key role in this statewide effort to regulate the sale of tobacco and restrict the access of tobacco by Idaho’s youth.

can you buy Lyrica in canada Substance Abuse Prevention and Technical Assistance Administrators

Benchmark administered Idaho’s Substance Abuse Prevention Education Program from 2003 – 2014. Annually, Benchmark subcontracted $1.5 million to approximately 75 community-based mental health, social service, judicial, law enforcement and educational agencies to deliver substance abuse prevention programs. One key component in this project was the web-based information management system developed by Benchmark, www This HIPAA compliant, proprietary data system handled all essential project details, including federally mandated demographic and program attendance, provider staffing, case notes, contract monitoring, and invoice submission and payment. The system represented a programmatic focal point. In addition to collecting the mandated data elements, it served as the primary communication tool to all substance abuse prevention providers, the program’s invoicing and financial system, and a single point for state reporting. The system provided all reports required by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), a federal agency within the Department of Health and Human Services

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Benchmark conducted on-site grant monitoring visits under contract from the Idaho Council on Domestic Violence and Victims Assistance.